The right step into any digital solution starts with stepping back.

Successful digital transformation is about stepping back and looking at the big picture – where are we right now and where do we want to go?

With context established, we can begin identifying the right solution, modelling it correctly, iterating quickly and deploying it on time and budget.

Our experienced, in-house team collaborates with you throughout the development process to design, test and implement the best solution for your business, whether at the intersection of existing technology and an innovative idea or for a pure ground-up technology build.

Mobile Apps

We build apps quicker and more cost-effectively through a hybrid mobile app development approach.

We iterate faster by deploying one code base across multiple platforms. This approach fast-tracks your app to market with unrivalled speed, flexibility, and functionality.

Knowing that user engagement, scalability and performance are all critical elements to your product’s ability to break through with your consumers and be successful, we commit to delivering eye-popping design, smooth UX and reliable back-end processes.

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Digital Tools

We will deliver tools that will elevate your UX, increase engagement, and creatively present data to “wow” users.

Through stunning visuals, contemporary design, and disciplined programming practices, your new digital platforms promise to be engaging, attractive, and informative for your customers. 

Behind the scenes, our developers will create efficiencies for your organization by automating time-consuming processes and tasks like data input and content management.

We’ll help you innovate to elevate your digital platforms and workflows.

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Custom Software

We’ll design and develop the best software for supporting your business objectives.

Free yourself from the restrictions of one-size-fits-all software, under-utilized technology and inefficient processes.

With customized software made specifically for your business’s unique needs, you’ll reclaim ROI and learn that your technology is now working for you.

Software made just for you to gain efficiencies, scale-up and prosper.

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Excellent communication characterizes successful relationships.

Our development team seeks out digital data silos and eliminates them, ensuring that all your organization’s software platforms are communicating with each other and working harmoniously.

Reliable, secure integrations are the backbone of your digital footprint. Whether facilitating a handshake between cold-shouldered technologies or building dashboard reporting from jumbled data, we’ll identify and forge the connections that matter most to your organization.

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Online Training Platforms

It’s not enough for our team to be experts – it’s our job to make your team the experts.

All the innovative design and development time in the world can unravel quickly after “go live” without the proper training in place for the people in your organization who are tasked with managing and maintaining your new system.

Our process includes unmatched client training and support to ensure that your project is successful long-term – well beyond its launch date.

We are your partner. This means that we plan on always being there for you whenever you have questions or you need our assistance with future product evolutions.

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Accessible Web Design & Development

Make sure people of all abilities are able to access and enjoy your web site.

Increasingly, governments and thought leaders are setting and prioritizing accessibility principles in website design and content development. Accessible web design ensures people of all abilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with your web site. Reducing barriers and increasing access to content should be considered from the beginning of the design process.

Accessibility in websites and digital experiences are best when made a priority at the wireframing and information architecture stage. Performing early tests that consider accessibility along with other traditional user experience factors will result in a better experience for all visitors. 

Green Web Design & Development

Delivering on green promises means making green choices for your web design, development and hosting services. 

There are a myriad of ways Relish can optimize your web design to lower the carbon footprint of your website. From dark design to optimizing fonts, images and video, we’ll lead you through the process of up-greening your site. We’ll also implement a caching strategy, audit the plugins and scripts to ensure your site is lean and clean.

Fortunately, green choices are also great choices for users — from load times to alternative viewing — make your website the best it can be.

We build results by
building relationships.

We are looking for partnerships with companies who desire more meaningful relationships with their projects and their brand. Our clients come to us for our creativity, our technical expertise, our vision and our values. We maintain relationships as a result of the outcomes of our collaboration.

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