The Background

The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) is Canada’s most successful and proactive adoption centre. It is responsible for finding homes for more than 4,200 animals and reuniting more than 700 dogs and cats with their owners every year.

The WHS dedicates itself to protecting animals from suffering and promoting animal welfare and dignity.

The Opportunity

A significant amount of annual fundraising allows the WHS to deliver on its mandate.

WHS’s management team engaged Relish’s services to develop an online fundraising solution that lowered ongoing fees as well as offering more control over content and user management.

They also wanted the option to expand platform capabilities in the future.

The Solution

Relish created a “Do-It-Yourself” fundraising event platform for the WHS, allowing individuals or groups to fundraise on the WHS’s behalf under multiple tracks.

Fundraisers could build a profile page complete with images, video, and text. Also, they could manage their email lists, sending out pre-built emails and thank-you messages.

To engage and motivate users, Relish added a function allowing fundraisers to

collect badges for reaching donation goals and by completing specific tasks.

Finally, Relish integrated an open-source content management system that gave WHS ultimate control in managing the active fundraising events on the platform.

Key Services Provided


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Planning and Articulation
  • Web Application Development
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • Data Analysis Tools and Reporting Systems
  • ACL-based User Management/Systems
  • eCommerce
  • Data Visualization Tools


  • Training