The Background

Siloam Mission is a place for support, healing, and recovery.

As a Christian humanitarian organization, Siloam Mission connects the community to alleviate hardships and provide opportunities for change for those affected by poverty and homelessness.

The Opportunity

Siloam Mission does essential community work and relies heavily on fundraising to accomplish its mission.

Before the project’s commencement, Siloam Mission’s website lacked the functionality for its passionate supporters to set up their own fundraising initiatives on the organization’s behalf. If this capability existed, it would be hugely beneficial for reducing costs and increasing the organization’s fundraising potential.

Given this need, the project’s key deliverables were:

  • Create a secure, user-friendly platform to allow supporters to initiate their grassroots, ad-hoc fundraising events
  • Integrate these fundraising initiatives into CRM and backend operations to reduce administration costs and requirements.

The Solution

Relish custom-designed and built a self-serve fundraising platform that allowed supporters to create an event page for their fundraising efforts, set goals, manage content, promote the event over social media or their email list, and securely accept donations.

The system tracked progress to the fundraising goal, allowed other fundraisers to join the event, individually or as a team, and aggregated data for streamlined administration.

With the project completed, Siloam Mission’s new fundraising platform drastically increased its fundraising potential, reach, and exposure to the public while decreasing the amount of administration and expense required to support those initiatives.

Key Services Provided


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Planning and Articulation
  • API Based Web Services
  • Web Application Development
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • RESTful API Development
  • Data Analysis Tools and Reporting Systems
  • ACL-based User Management/Systems
  • eCommerce


  • Training