The Background

Ukkö Robotics is a Winnipeg startup that continuously strives to optimize farming practices. Using innovative technologies, it is possible to transform and automate traditional pasture-based farming to become more accessible and efficient while ensuring ethical practices and optimal care and comfort for animals.

Ukkö specializes in manufacturing an all-in-one autonomous poultry tractor that falls under its ROVA|BARN Series.

The Opportunity

To build global awareness and revenue for its innovative product offering, Ukkö Robotics needed a professional e-commerce website that provided information and tools to fill the sales funnel with qualified buyers and help make the sale.

The Solution

The Relish Development Team developed a multilingual e-commerce website that included calculators for new customers to determine ROI, optimized website language for SEO relevance and an easy-to-manage CMS and integrated CRM.

The ROI Calculator was connected to the website’s admin area, allowing for simple adjustments to the calculations as the Ukkö Robotics team received more inputted data from the potential customer. There were two different calculators based on customers’ intentions for the product’s use. Both calculators shared some data points for calculations that offered visual feedback to prospective customers as they adjusted the calculators’ sliders.

Key Services Provided


  • Architecture Analysis


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development


  • CRM Integration
  • Calculator Development
  • Writing for SEO


  • Training