The Background

The Rural Municipality (RM) of Morris needed to have geographical mapping data translated into functional datasets that would display correctly on a digital map and allow each section of road to store and display historical maintenance records.

The Opportunity

The RM of Morris engaged the Relish Development Team on this project. It was immediately apparent that the Team’s biggest challenge was the data’s quality; It was antiquated, disorganized, unindexable mapping data (KLM Files), with inaccurate data points that didn’t allow roads to render on a map correctly.

The Solution

The Relish Development Team architected a custom algorithm that intelligently recognized and auto-corrected disorganized data to avoid countless hours of trial-and-error testing manually organizing the incorrect data. The algorithm also maintained the data’s integrity, as it reordered it into a query-ready set that would display correctly on a map.

In the end, the RM of Morris received a dynamic tool that automatically restored and reorganized mapping data, which provided greater accuracy and efficiency in recording and displaying road maintenance records.

Key Services Provided


  • API Based Web Services
  • Web Application Development
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • Data Visualization Tools


  • Interactive Map Development