The Background

For teachers, managing the day-to-day learning and assessment tasks is time-consuming and requires a significant amount of administrative support.

Furthermore, parents and students expect and appreciate evidence of learning progress and comprehension, requiring teachers to provide individualized reports that accurately and descriptively reflect a student’s learning that significantly extend beyond simply providing the traditional letter grades.

The Opportunity

Every student has their style of learning. To the expected degree, assessing and tracking comprehension on a student-by-student basis is challenging and often impossible for teachers to deliver.

It is equally difficult for teachers to provide students and their parents with accurate and insightful reports on where the student sits on the rubric, where comprehension gaps exist, and how to close those gaps. There was a significant need for a technological solution to support K-12 teachers to design, deliver, and assess learning in their classrooms and a conduit for students and their parents to participate in the process.

The Solution

The Relish Development Team created a flexible framework for teachers to modify assessment criteria based on learning standards, descriptions of performance, and the needs of individual students. This framework is called QUIO Learning Map (QUIO).

QUIO is a grade K-12 student-centred web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform developed to bring evidence of students’ learning, curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and communication together in one place. The platform moves evaluation away from the subjective to the objective. Most importantly, QUIO enables all students and learning styles to be graded and evaluated evenly.

QUIO delivers a versatile user experience allowing teachers and students to connect, collaborate, and showcase a student’s best work through visual aids and interactive plans. Relish provided these capabilities by including:

  • Real-time collaboration tools.
  • Robust data-sharing systems and cross-platform compatibility.
  • A REST*-based API** that services all the apps within the QUIO platform.
  • The ability to leverage leading-edge Single Page Application (SPA) architectures.
  • Frontend real-time notifications and system-level monitoring for data integrity assurance and up-to-date information across user accounts and hardware.
  • Security backed by a 3rd party audit.

Relish also developed a downloadable QUIO app as a communication tool for parents and students to participate actively in the student’s learning and track progress visually. The app needed to work seamlessly with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, PC and Mac platforms (with most common browsers supported) and be accessible offline in classrooms without an internet connection.
QUIO Learning Maps and its downloadable app provided teachers, parents, and students with a robust, effective, and insightful platform to work together toward enabling a student’s educational success.

*Stands for Representational State Transfer

**Application Program Interface

Key Services Provided


  • Content Audits / Content Insight
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • User Persona Identification and Definition
  • User Interviews
  • Task Analysis
  • Competitive / Comparative Analysis
  • Conceptual and Sitemaps
  • User Flows
  • Digital Strategy
  • Functional Specifications and Documentation


  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Planning and Articulation
  • Style/Creative Guides and Toolkits
  • Subscription System
  • SaaS Development
  • API Based Web Services
  • App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • RESTful API Development
  • Data Analysis Tools and Reporting Systems
  • ACL-based User Management/Systems
  • Database Syncing Systems Development
  • Real-time Event Messaging Systems
  • Data Visualization Tools


  • Chat Bot / Chat Widget
  • Advanced Analytics Integration
  • Writing for SEO


  • In-house Support (retainers)
  • UX Testing
  • Training
  • Monitoring and Reporting