The Background

New Media Manitoba (NMM) is the Sector Council lead for Information, Communication and Digital Technologies and a non-profit industry association dedicated to supporting Manitoba’s Interactive Digital Media industry.

The Opportunity

As the face of Manitoba’s digital media and technology industries, NMM’s website needs to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it is on-point, contemporary, and cutting-edge.

For this project, NMM approached Relish seeking help with several functional improvements to the website, specifically:

  • Adding new features and tools for event management, e-commerce, and customer account management.
  • A unified, integrated digital event management system that would eliminate and prevent data silos and duplicated processes.
  • Easy maintenance on an integrated platform.

The Solution

Taking advantage of WordPress’s modular services, Relish’s Development Team refreshed NMM’s website and installed needed critical features and functions, enabling:

  • Multiple membership level pricing and automatic discounts based on membership levels.
  • Full event ticketing and management with e-commerce integration.
  • Subscriptions and membership auto-renewals.
  • Multiple user account management under a single user login.

Another deliverable was fully integrating NMM’s CRM into each touchpoint, including the ability to harvest data from intake forms appearing across the website.

At the project’s completion, Relish had accomplished all NMM’s project objectives:

  • Ease of maintenance.
  • An elevated user experience and exceptional functionality.
  • Decreased administrative efforts and costs associated with a variety of NMM’s core processes.
  • A robust, modern-looking, and feature-rich website, certainly befitting their industry association brand.

Key Services Provided


  • UX Design
  • Interactive Planning and Articulation
  • Subscription System
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • ACL-based User Management/Systems
  • eCommerce


  • CRM Integration


  • Training