The Background

Based in Winnipeg, Medicure is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing therapies for the cardiovascular market. Medicure’s primary product in this area is AGGRASTAT®, an antiplatelet medication that prevents blood clotting.

Health professionals administer AGGRASTAT® via an IV drip to patients at risk for experiencing potentially catastrophic heart conditions.

The Opportunity

Medicure approached Relish to help build a simple solution for its health practitioner users to quickly and accurately calculate the proper AGGRASTAT® dosage for their patients. Until this point, a patient’s dosage had to be determined using a manual calculation datasheet.

Medicure also required Relish to develop a data store that would integrate within their existing application framework.

The Solution

After considering the best approach for this project, Relish’s Development Team identified some considerations endemic to Medicure’s current system that required accommodation, specifically:

  • Re-engineering the system in a manner that did not impact app performance.
  • Uncertainty around data relationships added some complexity to pursuing process automation.
  • The re-engineered system needed to work inside a component-based framework while accessible to all components and being immune to framework changes.

Relish’s Development Team began work on the project by utilizing “observers” to get and set data and microservice algorithms to read and understand the data models. Server-side data types were paired with client-side data models to feed data into the store, passing an ID reference instead of nested data, which would negatively impact performance if broken up.

By the project’s end, Medicure’s new AGGRASTAT® data store system simplified local data storage while maintaining app performance as it retrieved and calculated dosage data quickly and accurately for its medical practitioner users. The updated framework was also immune from any issues resulting from future framework changes and development efforts.

Key Services Provided


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Planning and Articulation
  • App Development
  • Database Syncing Systems Development


  • Calculator Development


  • Training