The Background 

The Manitoba Government has committed to Manitobans to improve its operations and deliver services by modernizing government continuously. The Business Transformation & Technology (BTT) team was responsible for delivering this mandate.

The Opportunity

BTT team approached Relish to update and modernize the Manitoba Government’s intranet website. The key deliverables for this project were to develop a platform that offered new and modern features for its users and allowed its content to be easily managed and updated regularly.

The Solution

Relish’s Development Team collaborated closely with BTT’s team to design and develop a WordPress-based site for internal use within different Manitoba Government departments.

The purpose of this website would be to showcase news bulletins, cover government-wide or department-specific topics while allowing users to subscribe to news topics and customize their feeds.

The website featured an integration with Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to be automatically logged in based on their workstation user ID. This integration allowed users to participate in the forum, using commenting and voting tools that Relish implemented within the website, all without requiring a separate account.

Relish developed custom statistical tools allowing for efficient internal tracking of activity on the site.  The site launched with a page count of over 100 and saw an average daily view count of approximately 30,000.

Key Services Provided


  • Architecture Analysis
  • User Flows


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development
  • Data Analysis Tools and Reporting Systems
  • ACL-based User Management/Systems


  • In-house Support (retainers)
  • UX Testing
  • Training
  • Monitoring and Reporting