The Background

CentrePort Canada is North America’s largest trimodal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone – situated in the heart of the continent, in Rosser and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 20,000-acre inland port offers on-site access to rail, truck, and air cargo operations with links to global trade markets. It is an ideal location for companies engaged in international supply chain activities.

CentrePort Canada Inc. (CPCI), the corporation, is responsible for planning and developing the site itself, business development and investment attraction, and marketing and promotional efforts for the inland port.

The Opportunity

CPCI was undertaking a massive development project that would have a significant economic impact on its numerous stakeholders, including the general public, Government, vendors and development partners.

A project with so much at stake to so many people required a new website that could deliver updates and information efficiently and expediently.

CPCI also hoped that the website could help garner investment for the project.

The Solution

Assessing the state of CPCI’s current website, Relish’s Development Team recognized some challenges.

The first challenge the Team encountered was that the site’s data was in static form. This static nature of the data was problematic as users required dynamically delivered information on such topics as zoning, land use and designations, services, industrial parks and more. After careful consideration, the Team determined that the best way forward was to create a mobile-responsive website that utilized an interactive map with video integration to present this information to the user. Installing a directory was deemed another valuable feature for users to access information about CPCI’s current partners and stakeholders.

The second challenge was that CPCI’s current website did not utilize a functional Content Management System (CMS). The Team ensured that the new website resided on a user-friendly CMS platform.

With its dynamic website in place, CPCI enjoyed reduced administrative burden and increased efficiencies while delivering pertinent information and updates on the project to its many stakeholders. The website proved so effective in providing information that it was deemed responsible for driving new partnerships and investment for the project.

Key Services Provided


  • Content Audits / Content Insight
  • Architecture Analysis


  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development


  • Interactive Map Development


  • Training