The Background

Peg City Car Co-op’s (Peg City) mission is to provide a safe, reliable, and inclusive carsharing program.

Peg City’s members book cars when they need them and are then billed for that usage in hours and kilometres driven.

The Opportunity

By fulfilling the demand for carsharing through a practical and appealing transportation solution, Peg City has now grown to 60 vehicles and over 2000 members.

Membership surveys uncovered that Peg City’s website was hard to navigate and manage. Peg City’s team also struggled with communicating its value proposition within the confines of an antiquated website structure.

In less than a decade since its inception, Peg City had grown its membership base and fleet exponentially, which began uncovering deficiencies in its current website. The business had outgrown the website’s capabilities.

The Solution

Relish developed a new user-friendly website for Peg City that addressed the issues that members and administrators were experiencing.

The content was curated in segmented pages, targeting a specific profile of Peg City’s service users—individuals and businesses, heavy users and light users – making it easier for visitors to find information pertinent to their needs quickly.

A value-added intuitive ‘trip calculator’ was also embedded in the site, giving users the ability to see how much money they had saved, helping them appreciate the value of their membership.

Once the redesigned website was up and running, Relish updated all of Peg City’s collateral to match the look and feel of the new website. This step ensured that there would be a consistent look across all of Peg City’s promotional assets.

Finally, Relish conceived and launched an advertising campaign that included online and offline tactics to promote Peg City’s growing fleet of vehicles and build awareness for its new pick-up locations.

Key Services Provided


  • Architecture Analysis


  • UX Design
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development


  • Interactive Map Development
  • Calculator Development


  • Training